Telling compelling business stories

An Australian Freelance writer

Writing is about sharing what you know in a way that sticks. Great content is memorable. It rallies your readers behind your cause, it encourages them to make needed changes, or it meets a need they didn’t know they had.

I write for businesses in a range of fields including health and medicine, education, travel, and personal development. I tell your story, helping you engage with and educate your audience.

Whether it’s writing video scripts to share your ideas with your audience, creating web content that personifies your business, or helping you create sales emails to introduce your latest creation,  engaging content must always find a balance between accuracy, persuasion and charm. I can help you find that balance!

I’m the writer to contact when you need:

  • Business copy including video scripts, web content, sales emails, and press releases.
  • Health and wellness webpages, articles and blogs.
  • Travel writing including location and ‘how to’ articles and web content.
  • Lifestyle and personal development pieces.
  • Education and Teaching articles.
  • Research and fact checking.
  • Editing and Proofreading.

To get started check out some of my articles or read through my copywriting work. If you think I can help you then email me at and I’ll get back to you within a few hours.