I Don’t Understand People Sometimes

Sometimes I feel like an alien that has accidentally been dropped on a completely foreign world, blundering around, trying to understand things that are too different to make sense to me.

This is not a nice feeling and I’m sure that everyone shares it at times, the feeling that we alone are making sense but no one else can see or admit that. This can occur at any time, be caused by any disagreement, but in my case I feel like an alien when people talk about global warming and the damage we are doing to the planet.

A lot of people are arguing about this issue. It seems to affect every aspect of their self-beliefs and beliefs about the world. I’ve heard people claim that God will repair the planet, that it’s an insult to religion or to the individual if we even mention damage to the planet. Couple this with the other side, who are presenting all the scientific information in the world in the hopes of convincing them and it has all the elements of a comedy. Shoving facts down the throats of people who don’t care what the facts are, they just want to be right.

The whole debate seems stupid.

To me, it’s simple. We pump poison into the air. I’ve lived in a few different countries and the air is so think you can feel it coat the inside of your mouth and throat. Do not try to tell me there isn’t a problem there. We pump poison into the water. There are massive dead areas of the ocean from chemicals we dump into it. In some western countries, the law is that you can put as much poison into the ocean as you want as long as you can’t see it floating on the top of the water. This basically means that as long as it’s hidden, it’s all okay. Such a stupid policy. And in a lot of non-western countries I can’t imagine the laws are any better. I’ve seen numerous gutters that carry the rubbish and run off from a city directly into the ocean, it’s like we don’t care as long as we don’t have to deal with it right now. We kill everything that isn’t us for fun, for sport, because we get bored with our normal foods, because they’re in the way and finally, because we can.

And we expect the planet to be healthy anyway.

Look people, it’s simple. If you put poison into a system in a thousand different ways and kill off everything in it but massive concrete cities then you’re going to have problems.

And those people who say otherwise are just avoiding responsibility. Full stop, the end. I’m done.

I’m not going to argue with people who think that ‘because I said so’ is a reasonable argument. That’s not an argument, that’s just you wanting to be right.

I’m sorry to say all of this. I want to be compassionate about it, I do. I want to understand that the people who can’t accept scientific consensus need our help and better educational systems that will teach critical thinking skills rather than how to measure the whatever of an imaginary sphere. I know that the problems we’re facing around this issue are the result of a broken education and social system. I know it isn’t their fault. But understanding that and being willing to do nothing about the problems with our planet are two different things. We can no longer hold off on making changes until everyone’s on board and thinking properly because by that time I think it will be too late.

I think we’re running out of time.

And it seems to be getting worse, not better. In American at the moment, what is true and what is reality is being twisted to fit whatever people want to believe, as if that is a valid category of fact. As if they have the power to change the laws of the universe and reality itself if that’s the way they would prefer things to be.

It’s sad and scary and so, so alien to watch. It’s gone past the point where I can relate to it at all.

I know I shouldn’t be talking about this on my blog, it isn’t self-development and it isn’t me and whatever. But the simple truth is that this blog is about me, about my journey and about the stones that I laid down to make my path. It isn’t about writing around some niche area of personal growth, it’s about all the elements, all the parts that I use to navigate the world. And lately, this has been a really big stone.




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