Top 10 places I want to travel to (right now)

I’m at home at the moment, which would seem to be a good thing, but for people who love to travel, can have more negative elements than positive ones. Because I’m here, and don’t really have the time to go anywhere else at the moment, I find myself dreaming about travel when I should be working on the projects that are keeping me here. So, in order of 10 to 1, here are the places that I am dreaming about.

  1. Taiwan

I like to eat and Taiwan is known for its food. I’ve heard of folded crepe things with mushrooms and cheese and sweet sauce over the top that makes my mouth water. I also have a liking for any country that is built on a rebellious beginning.

  1. Spain

The food, the culture, the heat. Being from Australia, I’ve come to learn that although I do complain about the heat, I’m also used to it. I also don’t deal with the cold really well. I suffer greatly when its 5 degrees Celsius, I can’t even imagine the torture of being in a place where it snows. I want to go to Spain, where it’s hot and people eat dinner at eleven o’clock at night and have naps during the day. I love naps and I’m a night person, this seems like an eminently practical system to me.

  1. Scotland

I’ve wanted to visit Scotland since I first saw Braveheart. And I know it’s a bit strange to have this entry after number nine, where I cursed the cold and all its trappings, but I figure I’ll go here first and then to Spain to thaw out. The scenery is beautiful and I like mountains.

  1. New Zealand

Because I’m Australian, you would think that I would have been here already. Unfortunately, Australians tend to go to a lot of other places before they visit their closest neighbour, probably because it is so close and so similar. But I want to see the mountains and the green stretches of wild. I want to see animals and unspoiled lakes. I don’t want to be talking into bungee jumping or anything else to do with heights though.

  1. New Orleans

I know, not a country, but America is too big and too varied and there are only small pockets of it that I’m interested in seeing. The music, the food and the culture. Everyone should want to see New Orleans, and I’m pretty sure that they do.

  1. Cuba

Stuck in the fifties, but going to change soon. I want to see this before it gets modernised and loses all of its old charm. I also love to watch people dance, though I have no rhythm myself.

  1. Easter Island

A strange one I know, but I want to see the Moa. These enormous statues have creeped me out and fascinated me for a long time and I want to have a close up look and see if they have the same impact in person.

  1. Hawaii

Beautiful beaches, sun and the kind of holiday where you sit around and contemplate whether you have the energy to trundle to the nearest restaurant for your next meal. I’ve been working hard lately, so this sounds like a really great idea.

  1. Italy

As a history buff, this entry is unavoidable. I’ve been obsessed by the Romans since I was young, and the thought of walking in their footsteps, seeing the roads they created so many years ago, seeing the places I’ve read about and imagined… I want to see where Augustus Caesar ruled, I want to see the birthplace of the greatest military force in history, I want to see Florence. And I want to eat a lot of pizza.

  1. Japan

I know, I’ve been here before. But I loved it. Japan felt like home. It was organised and busy and friendly at the same time and there are so many places I’ve haven’t seen yet. I want to see Miyajima and the red Torii gates, I want to see the gardens at Hiroshima where the war shrine is, I want to be back in Tokyo standing at the Shibuya scramble and watching the Pocky ads on the giant television screens.

So that’s the ten, in order to the most interesting. The order and probably even some of the entries will change though, as I see ads for travelling or hear inspiring stories or even glimpse some incredible vista on the television. Bu that’s half the fun of travelling, isn’t it? There is no limit to the places you can go.






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