Cheating an education

Do you know how many companies there are out there that offer essay writing to students? They offer it to high school students and undergraduate students and all the way up to students completing their masters and beyond. On the websites, the owners are careful to point out that their clients aren’t encouraged to use the essays they pay for to actually hand into the school. Apparently, those essays are examples only, meant to give the clients a good idea of which direction to go in, an outline to copy if they want to get good marks.

I don’t think that fools anyone.

I’m very angry at this idea.

Part of it is selfishness. I’ve worked hard for my education, I’m still working hard for it. At the moment I’m working more than full time and studying full time. At one stage I was pretty much working two full time jobs and studying full time. It’s been difficult and tiring, and my brain sometimes felt like it was being split in half from all the information I was trying to cram in there. But I’m convinced that it’s worth it, I know that it’s worth it. And the idea that people are paying others to do all the work that I’m fighting to get through, and that they’re getting the same recognition, annoys me to no end.

And that sounds stupid as well. I want to scream ‘how dare they?!’ How dare they take the credit for the work they’ve paid someone else to do? How they one day put that degree certificate on the wall, take jobs that require it, accept any titles that come along with it? How dare they when they couldn’t even be bothered to do the work themselves?

But there’s a bigger concern here too. Lately there’s been a lot of talk about how university degrees are becoming obsolete. With industries changing so fast, university courses can’t keep up and so some of the subjects we study are irrelevant within a year of their release. Universities just can’t keep up with the internet, with the information and the changes it has been bringing about. This is a big problem. Lots of entrepreneurs, lots of business people, are saying that a university degree is no longer necessary for success in life, some of them even say that it’s a hindrance. With the devaluation of the university system, it seems to me that all these companies that supply assignments are just adding to the problem.

They’re making university degrees even more worthless.

And I don’t care what reasons anyone gives for the cheating either. I don’t care if you’re too busy with work, if you have a family that takes up all your time, or if you can’t write English well enough to pass the university standards. For me it’s simple, if you can’t do the work for whatever reason, than you don’t deserve the degree.

Everyone who goes to university makes sacrifices. We give up time with friends and family, we study until 1am on a Friday night when we usually would be out having fun. We give ourselves headaches and stress and cram too much into our heads and type until our fingers are aching. We spend way too much money and time and effort just to get a piece of paper. We all sacrifice and pay a high price for our education.

And nobody has the right to take away the importance of those sacrifices by saying that their situation, their problems, their concerns, make cheating acceptable.

And even if your problems are insurmountable, if university is just too difficult or your writing assignments are consistently bad, there are options that can help you. There are websites that will help you edit your work and give suggestions for improving your essays. There are tutors that will guide you through any subject slowly and at your pace. There are numerous ways that poor students can improve their chances of getting through the degree with reasonable marks.

The simple and obvious conclusion is that the people who chose to go through an essay writing service are cheating. They obviously have the money to get help, and they chose to spend that money on the easiest option possible. They choose the easiest way to get their degree with the least amount of their own effort.

That’s what it comes down to. There are no excuses that work and no reasons that justify this kind of cheating. They choose to be lazy. They choose to make university courses a mockery. They choose to insult every person who makes the choice to improve their life and their circumstances with hard work and learning and sacrifice. They choose to be proud of getting a degree that really belongs to a broke writer who is willing to do the work and can never get the credit.

There is nothing good that comes from this kind of cheating, or the industry that encourages it.






2 thoughts on “Cheating an education

  1. Would you like to see a doctor that didn’t actually study for their degree? Or be flown by a pilot who didn’t underatand one essay so got someone else to write it? There are more implications than rhe stigma of being a ‘cheat’. Essays are set for a reason, each one furthers your education through reading, helps you understand complex notions by breaking it down for yourself, and offers you the life lesson that hard work pays off. A doctor doing a 12 hour surgical proceedure would have learned patience from all the overnight essays they will have written. If they simply pay for these and forego the hard work they are doing more than cheating.


    • I never thought of that element of it, training and discipline as a skill that’s learned alongside the information in the essay. Good point. I wouldn’t want someone operating on me if they didn’t have the patience to write about the operation.


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