About Me

I’m Australian. I live in Perth. I’m working on a Masters in Writing at University. I write for businesses helping them share their ideas and their content online. There are a lot of things I could tell you about myself but mostly what you need to know is that I’m intensely curious about the world.

This curiosity has driven me to study, constantly. Even when I’m not doing university work, I move from one subject to another in my lifelong quest to learn everything. This same drive made me live in China for a year, teaching English to children. I also lived in Hanoi, Vietnam for five months, doing the same thing. And although I enjoy teaching and am extremely passionate about education, it was not enough.

I have always wanted to write. From the time when I was a teenager writing angst ridden love stories, I wanted to create stories and to share interesting new ideas through the written word.

Today, I’m a copywriter, helping businesses create content that tells their story and connects with their audience. I work with a range of business professionals, helping them to create web content, email funnels, press releases, and video scripts that explore their speciality and promote their business.

I write mostly for medical, self-development, education, and travel businesses. But I’m always excited to discover a new subject that I can learn about and share with others.

For me, writing is about exploring and sharing the connections between the things that I discover, connections that not everyone seems to see. This is my favourite kind of creativity and it is also the way I help my clients communicate the value of their business to the world.

To work with me, email me at aggissgayle@gmail.com.