About Me

Lifelong dreamer. Obsessive learner. Nursing background. Ex-teacher.

Not a bad combination, right?

It’s this background that helps me forge emotional connections with your audience using a mix of the latest copywriting strategies and creative style.

Do you hate writing and selling, but need website content, an email funnel, or video scripts to grab attention, convert, and sell?

Are you struggling to find the time to complete the copy you need to move your business to the next level?

I can help. I write copy that you’ll fall in love with and that will spark emotions and connections in your audience so that they absolutely must do business with you.

I’m Gayle Aggiss, a freelance copywriter who’s weirdly obsessed with learning all the psychology behind selling (good for you, not so much for me). I can create quality copy for your brand or business:

  • SEO website copy that Google and audiences love.
  • Email marketing that gets opened and converts.
  • Attention grabbing video scripts.
  • Sales pages and landing pages that grab attention and increase conversions.
  • Articles and blogs that grab attention and don’t let go.
  • Case studies that delve into how awesome you are to work with.

Why Me?

Now, why should you work with me when there are lots of writers out there?

Here are the 3 top reasons:

  • Copywriting that sounds good…
  • Makes Google happy…
  • And creates emotions in your audience that makes them lifelong fans…

So, thanks for listening, and let’s talk!

To work with me, email me at aggissgayle@gmail.com.