Why don’t you just buy copywriting templates? 

You’ve probably seen them, pre-filled out emails and sales pages where you just put your details in at key points. 

A person template

It would be a lot easier, wouldn’t it?

You’re here because you know that it isn’t just about copywriting techniques. People and businesses aren’t machines that always respond the same way to something.

Copywriting is more an art than a science. And good copywriting takes both techniques and creativity. That’s where I come in with my MA in writing.

I use copywriting techniques, creating headlines and subject lines that shock, intrigue, and forge connections. I’ve read and studied the top books and authorities on copywriting and keep up to date with the latest trends.

But I also bring creativity to my work, using the age-old technique of storytelling to capture attention and, well, make your audience like you, to be blunt.

I’ve written homepages that conveyed the peace and serenity of Reiki, emails that connected a real-life mistake to an online course, articles that made people run in circles for a worthy cause, and hope to one day share the incandescent marvels of peanut M&Ms with the world (Best. Chocolate. Ever).

This is what it takes to build an audience, create connections, and stand out in the busy modern world.

So, are you ready for copywriting with strategy and style?
Let me write your story.