About Me

I’m Australian. I live in Perth. I’m working on a Masters in Writing at University. There are a lot of things I could tell you about myself but mostly what you need to know is that I’m intensely curious about the world.

This curiosity has driven me to study, constantly. I move from one subject to another in my lifelong quest to learn everything. This same drive made me live in China for a year, teaching English to children. I also lived in Hanoi, Vietnam for five months, doing the same thing. And although I enjoy teaching and am extremely passionate about education, it was not enough.

I have always wanted to write. From the time when I was a teenager writing angst ridden love stories, I wanted to create stories and to share interesting new ideas through the written word.

Today, my writing centres around healthcare, both natural healthcare options and medical practices and procedures. I work with a range of medical professionals, helping them to create copy that explores their speciality and promotes their business. I also create based in the self-development, education and travel niches. But I’m always excited to discover a new subject that I can learn about and share with others.

For me, writing is about exploring and sharing the connections between the things that I discover, connections that not everyone seems to see. This is my favourite kind of creativity and it is also the way I help my clients communicate the value of their business to the world.

To work with me, email me at aggissgayle@gmail.com.