Daily Routines for Freelancers

When you’re a freelancer there’s a lot to learn about. You have to learn about the things you’re going to write about, healthcare and travel and anything else your clients want articles about. You have to learn about different programs that people use to exchange documents as well different apps to help you find work. … Continue reading Daily Routines for Freelancers

Learning the Lesson Again

Somehow, you think that you’ve learned the lesson. You work for it, you memorise it and you thank your brain for learning it. You implement it and it works and then you move on, happy with your new knowledge. And then you encounter another similar situation and find that you have to learn the lesson … Continue reading Learning the Lesson Again

Learning to Speak American

One thing I’ve had to work on, while teaching and while building a writing business, is how not to write and speak Australian. It sounds like a simple thing, but you’d be surprised by how many Australian phrases or spelling you use when you’re born in this country. I’m starting to think that Australians are … Continue reading Learning to Speak American

How to be an Extreme Introvert in an Extroverted World

Quiet RevolutionThe world is so noisy to me. I can’t even describe the noise of it, the beeping of phones and the chatter of people and the television and the press to respond. Even my washing machine nags me if I don’t get the clothes out quickly enough. I can’t tell you how much it … Continue reading How to be an Extreme Introvert in an Extroverted World