Pushy copywriting DOESN’T WORK. Copywriting needs to forge connections, build trust, and provoke emotion. And that’s exactly what I create with stories for and about businesses that get attention. 

After all, if a Masters in Writing and a lifetime of daydreaming doesn’t qualify me to tell amazing, emotional, and persuasive stories, what does? 

Web Pages


The client for this page wanted content that was clean, soothing, but still educated potential customers. By focusing on the benefits of reiki and on the improvements it can make in someone’s lifestyle, I kept the writing brief but still persuasive and compelling.

Reiki Fifi Wellness

Press Release

The Ipswich Hospital’s Park2Park Fun Run went virtual this year and the client asked me to write a press release to encourage people to attend the new format. I focused on putting the most important information first to make it easy to understand and used strong language to grab attention. The Fun Run went very well this year.

Sales Emails

Sales Email

In this email, the client wanted to advertise her Instagram workshop to her curated list of business owners. I used statistics to highlight the importance of Instagram in marketing and how her solution would make it easier for businesses to engage this audience. I also used her special offer to draw in interest and add urgency to the copy.