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Great content helps engage, inform, and encourage action in your audience and I can create content that will do that without any fluff.

Below is a section of my best and most-read work.



Travelling in Small Cities in China

An Introvert in Tokyo

ErikaWithAK Travel Blog

Travel in China and Australia


My First Week in China

Where to Holiday When Living in China

Surprising Cultural Differences in China

The Best Food in China

Hello Teacher

Your Guide to Surviving Squat Toilets

Top 10 Things to Do in Fuzhou

The Best Apps to Use in China

Weird Things You’ll Do in China


Health Writing


The Health Risk of your Height

Why the Cold is a Health Risk 

Omi Health Education

How to use Polarized Light for Diabetes Complications

How to Improve your Breathing with Salt Therapy.


The Truth About Marijuana Withdrawal


Personal Development

Introvert, Dear

How Learning About My INTJ Personality Type Made me Feel Less Alone

A Letter to the INFJ Personality Type

Quiet Revolution

Learning from and Appreciating Mistakes

Possibility of Change

Taking a Huge Chance to Change your Life